• February 5, 2024 - 15:08
  • Big Tits
Penny Barber enters the bedroom shared by her stepdaughters, Liz Jordan and Jill Kassidy (who are also stepsisters), so she can gather clothes to do laundry. [embed][/embed] To her shock, Penny finds a strap-on dildo in the room. Penny is furious and confronts the two girls, demanding to know which of them is the owner of the sex toy. But neither girl confesses to owning the strap-on, and they also refuse to tattle on each other.</br></br>Penny says that if she doesn't get an answer, she'll give BOTH of them a spanking. The girls defiantly tell her to bring it on, because they'll NEVER snitch! Penny spanks Liz and Jill, but they clearly enjoy it, and taunt Penny to do better. Penny puts on the strap-on and fucks both girls, as they continue to taunt her. It becomes obvious that the girls are enjoying everything Penny does to them... but then again, it's pretty clear that Penny is enjoying it too!


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