Hot Wife Story

A short story about a hot wife encounter with a married wife and me

She was so beautiful that his heart was crushed’ her hair was golden long and her eyes were blue as a big ocean of happiness.
We met through friends, she wanted i should teach her family to play an instrument and how can i refuse..
First lesson came quickly, she is seating right by me and listening to the sound of the guitar and compliments, the look are so sensual, i imagine in my mind days and nights of sex play and games, she gives me a kiss on the cheeks and says thank you.

Drove all the way home with a big smile like 20 years ago i got a candy.
the test message arrived, its her with a question, should we meet tomorrow?
We met at an intimate coffee shop far from everything and talked about life…
She asked me what happened there? what happened to you? how are you? and in the same breath like that tears fell out of me.

I told her everything about my life, myself and on moments i want to forget.
She suggested to dance!

– “Me? Dance? Where?”

– “Come dance with me, it will loosen you up…”
I found myself dancing like never before.

Time for Some Steamy Sex

The next meeting on a cup of coffee and this time in my humble apt… silly quiet moments, tension is felt very strong in the air, and here is the first kiss… oooohhh so good , small touches in her body and there goes her top and her big boobs are shown to my eyes, revealing tasty erect nipples and softness when touched and the melting starts.

She was fully naked like the moment she was born, she is perfect!!! but I am saying to myself and whispered in her ears, nice words, she undressed me and said now it’s my turn, lay on your back she said, and so i did.
But suddenly she said in a funny voice, wow you were blessed with a big penis!! but before i responded her mouth was full and the moaning, i pet her body as she moves up and down and take control to myself. I spread her legs as she was wet already and i kissed her lips and she whispered, enter me! i want to feel your cock in me…

The encounter was like my first,because she said more more more shouting loud until the walls were moving…
I was scared i will hurt her, we took advantage of every second and i asked myself that this moment will not end.. after a few hours we got tired and she needed to go to her husband.. 4 month of pure sex and passion gone by with a lot fantasy fulfillment, i write this and miss her…