Indulging a Forbidden Fantasy

  • October 6, 2023 - 13:10
  • Cougar
It started with a cryptic text from my wife one Friday afternoon: "I ordered something special for tonight. Be ready when you get home." Intrigued, I rushed through my workday, anticipation building. When I got home, candles flickered in the bedroom. My wife lounged on the bed in lacy lingerie and a robe. She greeted me with a passionate kiss. "I hope you're ready for this," she said with a playful glint in her eye. At exactly 8pm the doorbell rang. My wife let in a handsome stranger—tall, muscular, and carrying a bottle of wine. "This is Damien. I met him online," she explained nonchalantly. We shared the wine and conversation became flirtatious. My wife stood up and let her robe drop, revealing her curves. "Shall we take this to the bedroom?" she purred. My heart pounded as we moved to the bed. My wife kissed Damien hungrily while I watched stunned from the corner. The squeak of the mattress shook me as they began having sex. I was paralyzed by a mix of arousal and jealousy. I couldn't tear my eyes away as Damien brought my wife to climax again and again. The headboard banged loudly against the wall with each powerful thrust. After what felt like hours, they finally finished. After Damien left, my wife pulled me into an embrace. "Now it's your turn," she whispered. I tried desperately to remove her panties but she held me back with a coy smile. We soon drifted off,spent. I awoke before dawn to my wife's perfect body next to me. Unable to resist, I slid off her panties, inhaling the undeniable smell of sex. My heart raced seeing proof of their encounter. Never had I wanted her more than in that moment.


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