Chanell Heart & Will Pounder Caught Wet-Handed

  • December 3, 2023 - 10:36
  • Big Ass
' Chanell Heart, newly single and irresistibly aroused, struggles to concentrate amidst the hustle of the massage parlor. Bereft of a lover to quench her desires, she's overcome with insatiable lust. Seizing a moment between clients, she succumbs to her primal urges, seeking ecstasy in the sensual solitude of the massage room shower. She tells herself she'll be quick about it- she wouldn't want her next client to walk in on her rubbing her pussy, now would she?Chanell takes off her masseuse uniform and lets the water run over her sweet curves, soaping her soft skin with her hands. Before long, her pussy is as wet as she shower itself, and she starts rubbing her fingers over her clit and sliding them between her lips. She gets a little carried away, however, since before she knows it, her next client Will Pounder enters and catches her in the act. Chanell is flustered and embarrassed, to say the least, but Will tells her not the worry about it. Chanell gets their appointment back on track, asking him to disrobe and lie down on the NURU mat. As she starts gliding over his body,


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