Bunkbed Surprise

  • December 27, 2023 - 21:32
  • Big Ass

Unforeseen Dorm Encounter: Minni Joy's Risqué Discovery with Danny D

Minni Joy returns to her dorm room after an intense study session, unaware that Danny D, the custodian with questionable intentions, is already there. He's hastily hidden under her bed due to a hasty panty raid, leaving a conspicuous pile of panties on the floor. Minni, oblivious to the peculiar situation, decides to relax and engage in some personal pleasure, which involves a rather intense and squirting experience. Danny, unable to resist the temptation, peeks out from his hiding spot on the top bunk and stumbles upon a glory hole. This discovery leads to an unexpected and passionate encounter between Minni and Danny, as they navigate through an intense sexual escapade. The pressing concern, however, is whether they can conclude their risky rendezvous before Minni's roommate arrives and discovers them in the act.

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