Annonomous post of a Hot Horny Wife Fantasy


I have been hung up on this “bachelor party” idea where I am collared and led around on a leash, forced to blow the entire bachelor party.

Once I have gotten a lil “taste” of the goods, everyone takes turns fucking me (except for the bachelor of course, …duh), with each one cumming inside me.
Once everyone has had their turn filling my pussy up with all that yummy, sweet, warm cum, I crawl on top of the bachelor and sit on his face, not moving until he has lapped up every last drop of his friends seed. If (and only if) he was a good boy and finished all of his dessert, then I’ll finish him off too. =P~ …yeah, I know. That’s why it’s called a “fantasy”.

BTW: Fucked up comments left on pictures in my “My Ex’s Big Black Dick” album are not only appreciated, but highly encouraged.


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