I remind you that you promised me a gift. He said suddenly. .
We went to bed and so without introduction he sat me down on the bed and under a high.
Put his cock next to the hole and started to insert .. I forgot to tell you that he has a nice big cock …
And so he pushed it slowly to me until it was all inside.

It hurt a little but I really wanted it.
Then increased speed and power ..
I started to scream .. was excellent .. puts in and takes out and rioting on my ass ..
After a few minutes I asked him to push a glass.
And again his amazing cock was pushed to me in the fridge ..
I promised a birthday gift right ??



Now I want you to go back to the ass.
So for an hour (he never gets off). He moved from the glass to the ass … and when he got tired I laid him on his back and rode on him. When he recovered he began to give work.
After an hour and a half, the force is over.
So I opened my mouth and let him finish in my mouth