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Original Pink Lady Fleshlight

original pink lady fleshlight is the first original fleshlight.
The fleshlight is a male sex toy and considered to the best sex toy in history.
With over 7 million pieces sold, it’s considered the most succesfull sex toy with the highest quality.
Easy to use, doesn’t need any batteries and simulates perfectly the sexual act!


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Important Tip To A Greater Feeling:
In order to enjoy the fleshlight for a long time, you must use water-based lubricants only.
When cleaning use water and a natural soap. You can also use Flashwash Anti-bacterial cleaner.
To dry just leave it in open air.

Time For A New Summer Toy from FleshLight

Wife is tired, sick, redflag, went to sleep and
you get horny as usual whats left?
Choke the chicken again? You should get the Ultimate – The Fleshlight!
No other product besides real wife sex will give you this feeling.
The warmth when you penertrate gently, the feeling, the spaz and the adrenalene.
You can get the pussy, mouth, ass but this summer i’m treating myself to one of Adriana Chechik juicy sex toysbest fleshlight