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A professional matchmaker, Jayne Calloway, welcomes her newest client, Michael DelRay, into her home office. As they chat, Michael explains that he's looking to meet a trans woman with whom he can have a genuine romantic relationship, but he doesn't know where to start. Jayne says that type of situation is one of the reasons why she started this business: she wanted to create a dating service specifically for the trans community and those interested in ...
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Penny Barber enters the bedroom shared by her stepdaughters, Liz Jordan and Jill Kassidy (who are also stepsisters), so she can gather clothes to do laundry. [embed]https://hot.famehosted.com/D/D3/D37E5H5D0B/8/2/9/6/1/c116928/6de1b7496c/116928_01/01/116928_01_120sec_00.mp4[/embed] To her shock, Penny finds a strap-on dildo in the room. Penny is furious and confronts the two girls, demanding to know which of them is the owner of the sex toy. But neither girl confesses to owning the ...
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Two friends, Serene Siren and Lexi Luna, are having fun hanging out when Lexi suddenly winces. Lexi explains that she has a knot in her shoulder that hurts if she moves too fast. Serene offers to help by massaging her shoulder, and Lexi gratefully accepts.As Serene massages Lexi's sore shoulder, Lexi says that Serene's touch feels SO good. [embed]https://hot.famehosted.com/D/D3/D37E5H5D0B/1/8/1/6/1/c116181/57aef9ebdf/116181_01/01/116181_01_120sec_00.mp4[/embed]     Lexi ...